Sunday, 21 October 2012

'Black is the new white'

Here are a few designs I came up with for the Black and White design brief from this months Tigerprint Competition. This brief was for an overall print design using a limited colour palette. I experimented with different media such as hand drawn doodles using pencil and ink and drawings using a graphics tablet, these were then manipulated to create these fun repeat prints. 

I am proud to say that out of just over 600 entries, two of my designs Ruffle and Dark Ruffle made it into the top 25 designs, with Dark ruffle actually winning this months competition! :) To see the winning entry and the lovely entries by the runners up, click here!

Hearts and Doodles © Louise Harrison 2012
Dark Hearts and Doodles © Louise Harrison 2012
 Ruffle © Louise Harrison 2012

Dark Ruffle © Louise Harrison 2012

Sequined Floral © Louise Harrison 2012
Stitched & Sequined Floral © Louise Harrison 2012


Triangle Boom © Louise Harrison 2012

Layered Feather © Louise Harrison 2012
Tangled Floral © Louise Harrison 2012


  1. I love these black and white pattern designs especially 'ruffle.' I'm very into monochrome at the moment too! You have a very unique drawing style!

  2. Thank you Ceris, that's really kind of you. I really love working in black and white then recreating the design in colour at a later stage, it creates a whole new feel! :)