Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Ambition and Work Experience!


Apologies for being so quiet at the start of 2013, I have had a few things going on this year and have been busy taking the first few steps toward fulfilling my creative ambitions.

First of all I had the pleasure of securing a work placement with the fantastic Tigerprint Studio at Hallmark HQ. This came about due to one of my designs winning their October Black and White Competition (see posts below). 

I unfortunately can't share what I worked on but I can share my experience. I had an amazing time with them, working on varying briefs including 3D Product and Surface Pattern Design. I had amazing fun learning new techniques and playing around with foil and flitter, researching trends and mocking up card, bag and wrap designs. It was really good to see how all the Tigerprint creative departments work together and how everyone works as a team. I hope to work in an environment like that one day!

I also got the chance to become a Tigerprint judge for the Spots and Stripes Competition, which was great to experience how each design is evaluated and narrowed down to the selected runners up and winners. (Tigerprint now has a new competition page you can find by clicking here.) 

Overall this was such a valuable experience and I am so glad I did it, I am now looking for further work placements and also hope to work with Tigerprint in the future.

My second step has been to research art licencing companies, with the aim of getting a licencing deal but this is early days and I have a lot more research to do and I'm currently building on my existing portfolio of work. If anyone has any advice on this area, I am new to this, so it would be gratefully received!

Other areas I am looking into are Spoonflower, Society6 and to initially test my designs in the market, without too much outlay.

I will keep sharing my experiences with you here and if you have anything to contribute please feel free to comment below....Thanks for listening! :)

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