Thursday, 10 October 2013

Imagine A Mystical Circus...

Hello, I've been a little quiet lately, so thought I'd share some of the designs I've been developing recently. I've been working on some children's designs based on 2014/15 trends for girls. As a starting point I used the fabulous Emily Kiddy's trend predictions on young fashion for my initial inspiration. Emily's blog shares her work and passion for design, print, graphic, trend, illustration and photography and is a wonderful bubble of inspiration and eye candy for any designer. 

I had a lot of fun collating these designs. I absolutely adore the watercolour dress-up animals by Deidre Wicks. After a little deliberation I decided to go with the Mystical circus theme first. I am currently working on some designs for Imagination and will share as soon as possible!
...first here are some of the designs I have developed for the Mystical Circus theme...

I was very much inspired by Deidre Wicks dress-up animals, so I began playing around with charactrers and dressing them up in tutus and bow ties. I also doodled on paper to create the circus tent in more detail. After playing around with mark making for the smaller elements I built up the repeat print which gave me the ideas for these cute placement prints. I hope you enjoy the designs and feel free to leave feedback or comments... I'll be back shortly to share the next section of work with you!

Designs Copyright Louise Harrison 2013

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